Spring animated the dreams, moved fantasy forward to stylish decisions, and it has been reflected in the new collection of the Italian brand of Re Vera 2019.


Spring sun has warmed Italy from Syracuse to Milan. Having been on the watch for wakening, the nature responded with splendid blossom and tenderness of the Tyrrhenian breeze. Fleur-de-lis budded in the north of the Apennine Peninsula, and scarlet poppies decorated the Southern coast. Spring animated the dreams, moved fantasy forward to stylish decisions, and it has been reflected in the new collection of the Italian brand of Re Vera 2019.

Tenderness and passion are the trends of the season

Chiffon, stretch satin, airy organza are the expressive basis for reflection of spring nature colours. However, innovative fabrics appear in the collection in the current season. The mixture of linen, noble silk and cotton gives birth to fabric with sophisticated texture. Besides, the daring combination of cotton and nylon threads creating effect of crushed fabric appear in the collection. Similar mixtures take place in the group of knitted garments. Elegant alliance of superfine cotton, linen and cashmere captivates with the variety of forms and structure.

Polarity of texture decisions steadily continues in stylish designer’s prints. The motives of Italian North are embodied in airy fabrics where water-colour lilies are created by, apparently, the artist’s brush. The tender olive colour is complemented with noble umbra. And elegant pearl tints are accompanied by the tones of the grey palette. Moving to the Southern lands of Italy, tender textile millefleurs changes its previous character. Semi-transparent fancy lilies yield their positions to ardent poppies. The lambent tarantella of passionate emotions sounds in the contrast of mono-colour and large floral patterns. It’s unbelievable, but even Central Italy finds its place in this collection. Urbanistic spirit of metropolises is reflected in geometrically complex pattern and grey and beige range of colours.

Kaleidoscope of silhouettes

Airy, almost weightless fabrics become the theme line of graceful ensembles. But if transformation of silk into luxurious dresses, blousons and cardigans is customary for the Italian brand, then bold metamorphosis of fabrics into a raincover-coat looks unexpectedly audacious. In general, open cut and floaty silhouette are the designer’s pivot of Re Vera Spring-Summer 2019. But the power of creative idea combines the details of the collection into rather unusual looks. The traditional line of urban style balances from the customary casual with the elements of minimalism to the romantic style with graceful notes of the Italian Renaissance.

Kaleidoscope of silhouettes is the landmark of the new collection of Re Vera brand. Here you may see original overalls constructively similar to buds of spring tulips. Here the sails of amazing silk sarafans are side by side with v-shaped silhouettes of trouser suits. Satin fabrics contrasting with semi-transparent chiffon easily create the elegant ensemble for a casual girl. But refusing silk in favour of comfortable cashmere, a city beautiful woman obtains equally stylish looks.

Finishing touch – accessories

The final accent in garment ensembles are unusual kinds of decoration. In contrast with the previous seasons, Re Vera does not stint large expressive accessories. The trademark varies the arrows of shiny zipper-chains with textile bunches of flower buds. Floaty chiffon is complemented with stiffness of waistbands from soutache, and dense trousers – with satin bows.

Spring-Summer 2019 collection cultivates womanliness in in exquisite detail. And it is quite expectable in the new season. The trademark seems to have been missing the beloved silk after rather ascetic winter ensembles. No wonder that fantasy pulled away from the utility attitude of the urban style and introduced the romanticism of elegant accessories into it.