In the ancient town of Orvieto, at the dawn of the Millennium, the team of creative artists from several countries joined their efforts and created the Re Vera brand, the clothes under which combine different views of fashion, world cultures and innovative technological solutions. Taking account of peculiarities and development trends of modern fashion, Re Vera has been able to create models of women’s apparel perfectly designed for city rhythm of life – beautiful, original, practical and functional.

The company has been in step with the times for several decades already, for which reason the modern computerised equipment controlled by experienced technologists is used at the production facilities. Such an approach allows producing ladies’ wear from high-quality raw materials, using expensive details and accessories, decorating the garments with unique prints and intarsias in their kind and varying colour compositions.

All the collections are created from natural fabrics of the highest quality, in the broadest colour range, from sober colours to fashionable seasonal tinctures. The Re Vera style is distinctive, just the way as distinctive are the prestige vehicles – the combination of cashmere, silk, linen and cotton with expensive accessories and details can be found in it.

Re Vera is the ideal combination of style, fashion and quality.