The material made of natural silk fibers is quite popular due to its characteristics. This fabric had been preferable for people for so many centuries that they began to produce it synthetically, but only the silk of natural origin is used to making high quality fabrics for original women's clothing. An important feature of silk is that this kind of fabric is traditionally used to create expensive clothes, so it is very rare to find cheap silk clothes.

Types of silk fabrics

Types of silk are determined by several factors- varieties of fiber, interweaving of threads, characteristics of the fabric, appearance and features of production. If silk is natural, then you will find two kinds of it:

Mulberry is a silk fabric of a high quality. It is made of silkworm threads, which is grown in artificially created conditions. All manufacturing and technological processes for its production are carried out manually. Processing is based only on the usage of natural substances, without the usage of chemical compounds, so that silk not only looks great, but also retains its properties for a long time;

Tussa is a silk fabric obtained from threads of a silkworm, which lives in natural conditions. Such silk can be red, brown or copper, so it is applied as an element of decoration in the design and furniture industry. Silk is previously bleached before its usage in the garment manufacturing sector.

There is a wide variety of silk fabrics, depending on the specifics of the usage. Among them there is crepe-chiffon, crepe-georgette, crepe-satin, crepe-de-chine, jacquard, velvet and velor-velvet.

The qualities of natural silk

If you consider the chemical composition of silk, then you will find 97% of protein products and 3% of natural wax and fats. Natural silk is pleasant to the touch as it is cool and soft. Due to its properties such a fabric is wear-resistant, it perfectly passes air and absorbs moisture. In addition to the fact that natural silk spakles in the light, it also has disinfectant properties, so it is applied even in medicine. But it is worthwhile to know that silk is easily creased under the condition of improperly selected fabrics.

The usage of silk in the garment manufacturing sector

It is necessary to say that silk is mostly used for the manufacturing of women's garments (only shirts or suites are usually produced for men). Using silk fabrics it is possible to sew excellent female dresses and original blouses which will leap to the eye and will please everyone. Women's clothing, which is made of silk, will allow each woman to flatter her figure and to hide shortfalls.